Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable Land Management

Our Mission

Legacy Property Management (LPM), LLC is a land and property management company that provides services and strategies to benefit all land owners. Services include estate/property planning, land conservation planning, forestry, construction/restoration and monitoring services.

While considering all the pieces of the land and property management puzzle, LPM promotes green certified and sustainable management solutions pertaining to property planning, forestry and improvements. Further, utilizing holistic and planned approaches LPM can diagram a conscious evolution for the property, assuring the sustainability of the holding in perpetuity while achieving a broad range of owner goals.

As an advocate for the client, LPM can help the owner be a true steward to their family, property and community.

Why LPM?

James Cruickshank, president and founder of LPM, has 25 years experience in land management, forestry, forestland products and construction. Cruickshank has worked on construction and sustainable holding projects on a bicoastal and international basis. Further, Cruickshank has bought and sold properties on the west and east coasts and currently owns property in Pawling, NY.

LPM has the knowledge, experience and contacts to collectively satisfy all owner and property needs. If the job cannot be done by LPM, we will research, hire and work in partnership with the appropriate firm on all efforts relating to the holding and the quality of improvements.

Encompassing all the facets of land management, LPM assures a mindful evolution of the holding, satisfying the owner goals in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. In addition, as an advocate for the client, LPM ensures maximum return and quality control for all improvements and strategies applied.

LPM can bill services rendered in a variety of formats and frequency to best suit individual client requests.